What We Do

The Platform

The platform provided by IVRS help guide decision making for clinical development stage by performing visual and quantitative studies as well as the inhibitory effect of potential therapeutic effects in living animals.


At IVRS, we provide services for following the disease progression and the effect of treatment over time in living animals in preclinical settings by offering whole body imaging 3D.

We use the most advanced and sensitive instrument on the world market to achieve validation of your drug substance.

In vivo optical imaging of your cells, antibodies, small molecules and nonoparticles to study:

  • Measurement of tumor size and cancer metastasis.
  • Inhibition effect of potential anti-cancer drug.
  • Morphological changes observed in chronic inflammation.
  • Drug-induced liver damage and toxicology.
  • Integration of implanted sensors into the brain or body.
  • Bio-distribution and efficacy of drug delivery.

Our Solution: Imaging

Preclinical in vivo imaging for your drug validation


Visualizing diseases

Treating diseases

Finding health conditions

Prognostic and predictive info

Rapid investigation