In Vivo Research Services

Bridging the gap between your preclinical findings and clinical studies

Let's discuss how we can accelerate your preclinical phase!

Preclinical in vivo imaging

We can provide service in following the disease progression and the effect of treatment over time in living animals in preclinical settings by offering whole body imaging 3D.

Visualization in vivo



Save time

Save time by collecting data at each step of your experiment.

In vivo imaging

Reduce costs

High-throughput approaches and capacity to follow up single animals.

Real time visualizations

Real time visuals

Follow the disease progression in real time from day 0.



Find the critical time of your treatment.


High detection

Even small number of cells can be detected and followed in vivo.

Scientists in vivo imaging

The Flexible CRO

IVRS is a preclinical CRO which provides innovating drug validation studies both in vitro and in vivo to accelerate the drug development process for unmet needs related to severe human diseases.